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Using TESS™ for Supply Chain Sensitivity Analysis 

The flexibility of the TESS platform is well understood when it comes to sourcing, but the same technology and techniques can be applied to risk management and supply chain sensitivity analysis.  In his latest Perspective, Trade Extensions, CEO, Garry Mansell explains how TESS can be used to develop a model of your supply chain and how this model can be used to identify and mitigate risk.

Read the full Perspective here. 



Market Informed Sourcing (MIS) adoption is growing but it is still low.  Why?

Trade Extensions, CEO, Garry Mansell was recently asked by industry blog Spend Matters to give some thought to why adoption of Market Informed Sourcing (MIS) is still relatively low despite impressive results.

Quality of data and appropriateness of the technology for smaller organisations are all cited as possible reasons but interestingly, price is no longer considered a significant barrier to entry.

His article, 'MISsing INACTION' is reproduced as part of our Perspective series and can be read in full here.


26% growth in 2014

2014 turned out to be another good year for Trade Extensions with the company continuing its sustainable and profitable growth.  During the year, revenue grew by 26% meaning the company has doubled in size in the last three years. 

Trade Extensions business continues to be driven by complex sourcing and optimisation events for large corporations with the most common categories being logistics, MRO, packaging and labour.

Trade Extensions, CEO, Garry Mansell said,

The complexity in large corporations' purchasing and supply chains mean they are well placed to benefit from using our eSourcing and optimisation platform - TESS.  And as we retain our customers they are not only using TESS in repeatable mainstream purchasing but are finding new areas of their business in which to deploy the technology.

In addition to the appointment of a permanent US Sales Director during 2014, another significant development was the launch of the TESS Academy.  The Academy is Trade Extensions virtual training institution and provides a clear pathway from novice to expert and the opportunity to become TESS Certified.   

Mansell said,

The TESS Academy is another part of our strategy to make our users as self sufficient as they want to be - even with complex optimisation challenges.  

The company is continuing to recruit in line with customers' requirements. Having already appointed a dedicated market director for the UK, one for Germany and the Eastern European region will join in May 2015.   These two key European appointments are expected to significantly drive growth of the business during the year.   


Trends in Dynamic Sourcing and Supply Chain Businesses

In the latest Perspective, Trade Extensions, Director of Suport - Americas, Ayush Sharma identifies some key trends in dynamic sourincing and supply chain businesses.

Looking at both 'hard dollar' and 'soft dollar' trends he shows how leading edge businesses are using optimisation techniques in ways that would have been impossible only a few years ago.

Ayush said, "Optimization tools have now morphed into a dynamic, living entity where optimization is done at regular intervals and can be used to model production plans, dynamic availability and several other criteria."

Get the whole 'Perspective' here.




TESS Academy is now open for learning

Our new virtual training institution the TESS Academy is now open and users have already begun working toward achieving TESS Accreditation.

The Academy offers a structured learning path from novice to expert user and provides individuals with an accreditation that will become recognised within the sourcing and optimisation industries. 

Using a combination of e-learning, instructor led and, where appropriate, bespoke training, the TESS Academy will ensure all users have the necessary skills to exploit fully the platform's capabilities. 

TESS is used in the most complex and interesting sourcing challenges and effective training ensures users get the most from the platform. The TESS Academy takes this training one stage further providing users with an accreditation enabling them to excel in their current roles but also providing employers with a benchmark when looking to recruit advanced sourcing specialists.

Trade Extensions, CEO, Garry Mansell


Initially, the e-learning courses on the TESS Academy will allow users to achieve a Level 2 accreditation, meaning they will have a good understanding of the platform and be able to launch, analyse and complete a sourcing project.   Levels 3 and 4 will follow later in the year covering more advanced features such as advanced scenario modelling and are likely to be a combination of e-learning, webinars and face-to-face training.

TESS users can access the Academy by logging into TESS and clicking on the TESS Academy link.