TESS Academy hosts inaugural Masterclass

The TESS™ Academy has completed its first Masterclass and we would like to congratulate the participants on becoming the first individuals to achieve a TESS Academy Masterclass certification for on 'Advanced Optimisation’ 

The intensive three-day course taught some of the most advanced optimisation techniques available today while providing users with practical techniques they can apply to ‘real world’ situations faced by their organisations.   

Trade Extensions, co-founder and Chief Scientist, Fredrik Ygge, who delivered the course, said, “The Masterclass gives users ‘hands on’ experience with many advanced strategic sourcing and optimisation techniques and their organisations will benefit hugely from applying them in practical situations.” 

The next Advanced Optimisation Masterclass is taking place in Chicago from 8 – 10 June 2016 and TESS users wishing to enrol can do so through the TESS Academy. 

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